Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar...

... and sometimes a packet that says it's onion flavoured cream cheese turns out to be wet wipes.

Sigh. I'm hungover, I want to eat! I want onion flavoured cream cheese!

I guess I can't complain too much, it was one of those "taped to something else" freebies that Korean supermarkets are so fond of. I'd take a picture to show you just how misleading the package is, except I forgot my camera at Margaret's last night. I thought to myself, as I was leaving, "Don't forget your camera!" but since my brain can basically only hold a thought for about as long as a fish memory lasts (reputed to be three seconds, but that might just be random bullshit), I managed to leave without it anyway.

So, I've been pondering hangovers. Thank Maude I don't get real ones. Mine are just a combo of tiredness from staying out till the sun comes up and dehydration. I occassionally get the sick feeling, but that is an indicator that I had way too much. How do people manage if they get real ones? Mine are bad enough, as I want to laze around in bed and eat everything with carbs that exists.

Thus, I must really get someone to send me more Kraft Dinner and ensure I always have milk in the house. Though Julie is my hero for introducing me to making Mac & Cheese with plastic cheese slices - it made up for the lack of milk and apparently with some Cheese Whiz thrown in, I won't need Kraft's help.

It's funny how sometimes inferior foods just taste better. Plastic cheese is a must for grilled cheese sandwiches. Nothing else will do.

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