Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The weekend proceeded in many ways just as it usually does and in other ways very bizarrely.

First off, I spent another Friday night in. Can't say I got any extra sleep, though, as I stayed up obsessively watching Season 2 of The L Word. I'm now through the first 9 episodes and will be taking a break to watch Eureka.

Saturday I did some hardcore cleaning. I meant to also burn Sheila a disc of photos, but I highly underestimated the amount of cleaning I had to do. I just had time to get showered and dressed to meet Joel, Sarah and Roger for dinner at La Tavola. From there, Roger went home, and we went on to Geckos. Everyone was there, but I mostly chatted with Karlya and went with her to 66. We bumped into an Irish lad I met last summer and who also knows Karlya - indeed, this is such a small expat community. Karlya took off, I hooked up with Sarah and we ended up at TinPans. Briefly saw Debbie, missed Daniel and crew entirely, though they were there apparently, and hung out with Melissa and Derek. Then I met Alan, Adam, and Joon, which lead to some adventures with some smoking. Not Marlboros, if you catch my drift.

Sunday was a long day. I got very little sleep, ate some Korean food at the HomePlus food court, and went to Itaewon. Charged up the phone and went to Geckos to eat/drink pitchers of beer. 12 hours later, I had bumped into everyone I know (or so it felt), but had only drank about 5 beers. This is because I drink beer exquisitely slowly. At 10pm, for example, Sheila suggested we get one more beer and then go home. I finished that beer at 12.30am. Since we had missed the subway anyway, we hung out to hear Closing Time played and get kicked out. Everyone was telling very hysterically funny stories and it was a great night.

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