Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Champagne Mondays

So, Roger, aka Lizard Boy, has become my recent Monday night buddy. We have twice played dominos on base while drinking champagne. I like dominos a lot. So far my game is all about luck, but I can see now where the skill comes in, and I like the practicing. As in all competitiveness, I don't really like losing. This time we were joined by two guys at the next table and everyone enjoyed making fun of my quiet knocking and lack of proper domino-holding technique.

I saw the Grudge 2, which was rather scary, and Idiocracy, which wasn't great and I dozed off anyway. This morning I watched the most recent Grey's Anatomy, and OMG! Little girl, it's time to save Meredith!!! Move it! (I am a wee bit obsessed. Little bit.)

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