Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On Love

So, Valentine’s Day saw the arrival of my divorce papers, which need to be signed and sent back. Sadly, this all has to be put off until I have an address that the official copy can be sent back to me, and that of course won’t be sorted out for a bit. Hopefully the job in Hong Kong will pan out; either way I won’t be at my present hagwon much longer.

It’s a funny thing, love. I must say, it has been refreshing working with Lee and Deanna after going through the breakup of the defining relationship of my 20s and one that ended so badly. They are such an amazing couple, so well suited and happy and pursuing their dreams together. My love life, such as it has been this year, has been interesting. I had my one big rebound relationship, which seems odd to me now that it is over that it ever began, and a few dating adventures, some of which I will remember very fondly. It struck me that I have never really been single, properly, as an adult. I like it and it rather suits me. Sure, it would be lovely to find that perfect someone, but I suspect right now wouldn’t be a good time to find him or her anyway. At the moment, dating suits me perfectly, as does my rather transient lifestyle.

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