Friday, February 09, 2007

Drama Mamas

So, Ladies' Night last night had its share of drama. It started off well enough, with the crew meeting up at Helios. Then we moved to the Loft. And that's when the shit hit the fan. There is a big disagreement over something that happened last weekend, two of my friends are feuding I suppose, a guy got the MPs called on him, and I ended up accidentally in the fire station in Itaewon, and on purpose in the police station, trying to mediate and be supportive. And basically remaining more sober than ever on a Thursday night with free booze, since the drama ended just around when the free drinks did. I was thinking my night was ruined, but lizard boy joined me and we went to Spy, where Daniel and Alex were. Lizard boy and Alex chatted and I attempted to play pool with a guy from Glasgow. I sucked. I cheated. Lizard boy plied me with drinks and I stayed out until 6am. It ended up being a pretty rocking evening, complete with bizarre photos of basically the same two people, as Spy was empty!

(This is the kind of photo that results when you steal a man's hat)

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