Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Friday Five for People Who Can't Count

What is your typical morning routine before work/school? I wake up about an hour before I have to be at work, I hit snooze one too many times, I shower and brush my teeth, find one of my two pairs of work trousers, randomly grab a vaguely matching shirt, walk to HomePlus for my coffee and a sandwich to eat on break.

How many languages do you speak? Really just English, with a smattering of other things. And if I ran together the little Korean I know with the names of subway stops, I'm sure I'd sound fluent to the non-Korean ear ;)

How many family members do you have named Bill? Jim? I have an Uncle Bill and I think my mom has a cousin Bill. I don't think there are any Jims.

What's your all time favorite song? Blueberry Pie by Bette Middler or perhaps Teddy Bear by Elvis. To sing it's Buttercup (Whhhhhhhyyyyy do you build me up, Buttercup baby, just to let me down?)

What can't you imagine your life without? coffee, love, and my silver bullet. bwahahahahahaha. (sorry mom! TMI!)

What can't you go a day without? hmmmm. well, during the week, I need that cup of coffee, but I don't usually drink coffee on weekends. Maybe reading a book, a least for a bit? Or maybe checking my email? Dunno.

What position do you sleep in? I always start on my side, but I end up on my back in a starfish shape. I used to hate sleeping on my stomach, but I've gotten more into it lately. I love to cuddle, if there is someone to cuddle with. I'm like a heat-seeking limpet.

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