Friday, February 09, 2007

The Coat Saga, or How I Came to Be Impersonating an Air France Pilot

So, back in December, I lost my coat. More to the point, it was taken from the Loft on a Ladies' Night, and since I always leave at the very end of these things, I knew that it wasn't that I couldn't find it or whatever. But, I went back the next day hoping it might be there and instead they gave me skinny girl's jacket. It was a very nice jacket, but sadly there wasn't a chance in hell it was ever gonna do up over my boobs. Not the best of situations in the middle of winter in a country of tiny, small-breasted women where buying a coat that might fit me was never gonna happen.

Anyway, as with so many things, I procrastinated. I wore a jacket of yunjin's, which got to me via Laura, and the skinny girl's jacket occassionally too. And I was off to Thailand anyway, so I figured, whatever. Then I heard through the grapevine that someone who is a friend of a friend had taken the wrong jacket on that night, and I thought "Bingo!"

It took ages to meet up and do the jacket exchange. Finally, at Reena's shindig, we did. And it wasn't my jacket she had. It was the jacket of an Air France pilot. Now, I remember the night quite well. I remember the Air France pilots here on a layover. I remember the girl who took the pilot's jacket being totalled and having to be carried out of the bar. So, I guess her friends grabbed her the wrong jacket, he took mine in retaliation for someone taking his, and I ended up with the skinny girl's jacket. Now, however, I get to run around in the jacket of an Air France pilot.

It's quite cool really. I mean, my jacket was a bit more flattering. However, this one fits well (a bit big in the shoulders and long in the arms, but I love that the arms cover my hands, cause I always tuck them up into my cuffs anyway) and has a much better story to it than "I bought it on sale in the Bay."

And, I could pretend to be a real Air France pilot. If I looked at all like a pilot... or even spoke French... Ach, well.

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