Thursday, June 08, 2006

I must blog more often...

...cause when I wait this long, my early onset alzheimers kicks in and I can't really remember what happened last weekend...

So, going back two weeks, I went out with Athena for her last ladies' night at the Loft and had fun. We had an interesting lunch with our boss the next day, a goodbye/hello sort of thing, where everyone was hungover except the new guy and Athena was late for her own goodbye party! Matthew is very, very tall was my first thought on meeting him.

After my lazy Saturday of my last post, I did indeed go to Carne and made the mistake of maximizing my all-you-can-drink potential but not my all-you-can-eat potential. made for a drunken, but fun, night. Went for a couple of hours of norae bang, cause you can never do enough singing, really, and then we met up with Athena and Lucia in Stompers. I love dancing.

Since last Sunday was memorial day, the Americans all had a long weekend. Athena, Lucia and I went and did a bit of shopping in Itaewon (where I bought Mom a birthday present that is going to be extremely late!) and then went home. We left only for both of us to get texts from people saying they were in Itaewon drinking. So after a brief rest at home, we went back to Geckos and hung out with Amber, Marisa, and crew. Met a helicopter pilot named Brian who tells the dirtiest jokes, and Marcel and his friends. Athena and I ended up in Hongdae until 4.30 in the morning on a SUNDAY!!! Craziness. But fun.

Then Alan arrived to visit. I wish I could say it went well, but it didn't. It was ackward and we fought and I asked him to stay in a hotel because of those things. He was pretty upset by that. We saw each other a bit, but really, it was just far too painful and uncomfortable. I don't really know what else to say about the whole thing.

He came with us for galbi and amused us by stabbing his chopstick through the garlic container, releasing oil all over the grill. Julie was all for putting water on it to try and improve the situation, which would likely have been very amusing. Watch the foreigners burn down the galbi restaurant!!! We went to Insadong and the temple Saturday and then we went out Saturday evening to Geckos. I went on to Hongdae with my friends and we met a bunch of new people, including a guy YunJin went to university with and Frank and his cowboy-hatted friend.

I have spent a lot of this week watching scary movies - The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the remake of the Amityville Horrors - and commuting in and out of Itaewon. I made the mistake of going into What the Book on our day off and spent $30. It was a relaxing day off - mostly I ate and drank all day!

I have some weekend plans, though nothing too solid yet. Will have to wait and see what comes up!

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