Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Green is the colour

I bought some Green brand crackers today. These folks aren't fucking around either, the crackers are in fact green. It is a bit disconcerting to eat cheese off of something this shade of green. And speaking of cheese, I treated myself ridiculously today by buying some soft cheese thingys with herbs on them that I used to eat in Scotland. They were an expensive treat even there, here... it's best not to think about really!

Yesterday after work we met up with Shawn and Henry to go and check out a restaurant that Henry had noticed called Mexican. Everyone was excited at the prospect of Mexican food in our neighbourhood. We arrived and the menu was all chicken. According to it: "When I think of chicken, I love Mexican." Interesting, as when I think Mexican, I certainly don't think of chicken. However, it was damn fine chicken and we had some beers and watched the Togo-Swiss game. Even had some skittlebrew (Simpsons reference there).

After my trip to the HomePlus (have I ever mentioned it is a Tesco company?) which was prompted by my paltry sticker supply (Heritage runs on stickers), I went for galbi downstairs with the girls. Meat and red sauce in a lettuce leaf never fails to please.

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