Sunday, June 18, 2006

Go Korea! Even if it is 4am!!!

I am sitting here eating eggs on toast and watching the Korea-France game. Unfortunately France is winning 1-0 right now. You might be wondering why I am up so late on a Sunday night (or Monday morning, though I prefer not to think about the fact that it is Monday and the weekend is over!)

The weekend has been good. Watched Hostel with a friend Thursday and I have to say, I hated that movie. It scared me, but more because I couldn't handle the gore than because it was properly scary. And closing my eyes didn't help, as it was the screaming that was getting to me.

Friday night was Lucia's last night in Korea, so I went to Pedro's for her last night. He has just moved into the Trump World Tower and it is the coolest fucking apartment EVER! Amazing view of the city, balcony, big rooms, giant tv, and... hot tub!!! (In fact, I went over tonight to try it out. amazing evening). Met some of Pedro's friends from Osan and went out, first to Geckos, where we met up with Frank, and then to Halabogies (which has been renamed Hage, which I don't like as much as the old name. to make things more complicated, it was one of the Hodge Podges). Saturday I went to the little Italian place that I love in Edae and bought another pair of Nike flipflops, pink flowery ones. I am not sure this month's budget can handle them, but I love them. Then I went to Ruby Tuesday's in Sinchon for Robyn and Amy's last weekend dinner. It was cool. Saw Meghann again and Bethany. Found out that Michelle, my old boss, has left Poly. From there I went to Itaewon and went to Calientes and King's Club with Frank. Calientes is an amazing place, really cool, though I can't salsa, so that sucks. At King's Club, I bumped into Kennedy, who dated one of my friends last time I was in Korea. Then I spent Sunday relaxing, watched Terminator Three and other crap on TV. Bought a pair of fake Addidas shoes. And another pair of $2 earrings.

Tonight I went to Pedro's. Had a great time. Watched Austin Powers on his huge TV. And that is why I am awake at this hour, watching some soccer. I will no doubt need the entire week to catch up on all the sleep I missed this weekend.

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