Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Post-Weekend Post

Friday night, I went out with Amber, Sean, Henry, and Marisa to see the game at City Hall. We started out in Hongdae, eating Mexican food (there was this jam stuff on my quesadilla was a bit odd, but it was tasty) and then to Bricxx for mojitos and a hookah. From there, we took a fun taxi ride to City Hall and spent about an hour wandering around, crowd gazing and taking in the excitement. There were lots of people in red, flags, firecrackers going off. And we felt like celebrities cause tons of people wanted to take pictures with us. Marisa even got a weird ride of sorts from some Korean guys. We sat down to watch the game, and sadly, it did not go well for Korea, as they lost to Switzerland. The game started at 4am, and I was so tired by the time we hopped on the subway to go home. I slept most of Saturday away, to catch up on my constant sleep deficit.

It being Marisa's last Saturday, we went out. First to Carne Station to meet up with Julie's brothers, and later Pedro met up with us. Then to Route 66 and onward to Tin Pans I & II. I was so hung over the next day - no more mixing whisky and soju. It is not good.

Sunday was the Canada Day Picnic. Held at a new site out near World Cup Stadium, I didn't think the food or the activities were as good. Could have been the hangover though. We pretty much just stayed at our table and hung out, playing cards and chatting.

On the way home we went to watch X-Men 3 at Gimpo Airport. Yes, folks, there is a movie theatre in the airport here. I enjoyed the theatre, not so much the movie. I mean, really, did it have to end that way? They coulda done stuff with the serum, or that boy, rather than do what they did. It annoyed me quite a bit actually. Especially as I have really liked the X-Men movies up until now.

Laura, the new teacher, arrived today and joined us for galbi. She seems really nice. Then I hung out for a bit with YunJin and Julie. The weeks are so much more relaxing than the weekends. And that is in spite of needing to get all my report cards done!

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