Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Do you know what happens to weekends when you spend two months dead broke? You find yourself doing things like decorating the walls or cleaning on Friday nights. I may have physically entered my thirties a year and a half ago, but this is the clincher. Two weekends in a row have found me in the house, reading and cleaning and watching TV and such things, with Sunday being my only exciting day. Last weekend was the perogy-making party with my coworkers, fuelled by lots of red wine. I must recommend less red wine if you don't want to be scraping lots of damp flour that has glued itself to your walls, counters and floor after. However, between the cabbage/mushroom/onion fry up, the sausages, and the most delicious handmade perogies I've ever tasted, it was a big success. Just with lots of dishes - but I can't complain because hosting that party kept me fed on leftovers for a solid week. Assa!

This weekend I didn't venture out until Sunday afternoon book club/brunch. We read David Sedaris's Holidays on Ice - I wasn't a huge fan of the book, but the discussion was still interesting. Our next read is The Year of Living Biblically by whoever that guy is. All the lesbians on my Facebook feed say it's good - which struck me as an interesting response. I'm curious to read it now, but I'm sharing a copy with Nami, who got it first. I traded in some books and had the tail end of the gift card I won on Brian's blog with my photo of a kid's shirt so between trading some chick flicks for two books and then picking up four more on credit and buying the most recent Ms. Magazine, it was a pretty damn exciting trip to the bookstore. After I wandered over to Sam Ryan's to hang out with hashers and eat mushy peas.

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Cairo Typ0 said...

If staying in on Friday and Saturday nights makes you a fuddy duddy then i'm in A LOT of trouble. *eek*