Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Public Service Announcement

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of stories of fantastic WARM African vacation so that I can bitch about the cold, my sleep schedule and how Battlestar Galactica is to blame for them both. (Don't know where I'm going with this? Neither do I!)

It is bloody freezing in Seoul now. On Saturday for Halloween, when I was lazy and went out dressed up as myself on vacation (so, basically I wore the panya skirt I bought in Cape Coast), it was warm enough to go out in a skirt, ballet flats, and just throw on a sweater. By the time I emerged from bed on Sunday it was freezing. The no-socks decision couldn't have been more wrong, though since all I did Sunday evening was eat as Sam Ryan's (mushy peas, asah!) and then watch other people eat at Amigo's.

Then I woke up yesterday morning and my house was freezing. I put on three layers AND socks and still was freezing on my way to work. Last night I finally gave in and turned on the heat, but then I fell asleep about a half hour after getting home from work and slept until 3 a.m. when I woke up and could not for the life of me fall back asleep. I blame this on the fact that Sunday when I got home, I ended up watching the last two discs of Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica, forced to stay up until 5 a.m. because of the series of cliffhanger endings to the episodes. Thus, Battlestar Galactica is definitely responsible for my odd three hours of reading in the middle of the night and then falling asleep until noon - it certainly shouldn't just be blamed on my total lack of self-discipline.

I'm not sure how it's responsible for the cold weather, but I'm sure there is a connection. Plus, what in Maude's name am I going to do with my life now that I've watched the entire series??? Starbuck, I miss you!


Christine Gram said...

We also just broke down and fired up the furnace. And there was snow on the mountains this morning!!!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I've been complaining about the cold here and it's only about 15C. I've become such a warm weather wimp.