Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Survived the Makeout Session

In spite of all last night's jokes about me making out with pigs and that explaining the piercing headache I had had for two days, I don't have the swine flu. Woke up tired but pain-free this morning, thankfully. Ever since that day when my vision pixilated back when I was working at the bank in Scotland and the doctor said it could have been a migraine (just without the extreme pain), I've always worried when I get headaches that match migraine descriptions, but so far I seem to be coasting along...

Obama's visiting Yongsan Base, leading to a crazy number of police officers wandering around my hood last night. We named ourselves the Obama Stalkers in his honour but his luck didn't rub off on us - a third place win by only two points, so no free booze.

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