Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Poor Man's CSI

Since I have no TV or Internet at home, I've been watching a lot of DVDs. When a bunch of freebies came my way, I took them. As a result, I've worked my way through the first season of NCIS. It was described to me by a friend as a poor man's CSI and I totally get why. I find the goth and the British doctor annoying, the frat boy obnoxious, Mark Harmon not cool enough to make up for all that, and that hot chick, well, all she does is stare at people in a flirty manner (which, while nice, isn't exactly the only think I'd like to see female characters doing.)

But they hit rock bottom when they suggested that MOST OF CANADA went dark during the great eastern blackout of 2003. And they showed a map! People, Canada is the second biggest country in the freaking world - that is definitely not most of Canada.


Cairo Typ0 said...

Give NCIS another chance! Goth chick, Abby, is the best character on the show. I promise!

Now that Canada crack... Grrrr I was watching Criminal minds once and they told someone to fly to "canada" to join the team. Umm... Canada is a big country - we actually have more than one airport.

Amanda said...

And dog sled services available to take you to your igloo at all of them!