Monday, November 30, 2009

Balkan Trilogy

Dugdale answered in an authoritative tone: "In my opinion Germany has made her last move. Russia is the one we have to fear...The next victim will be Sweden... then, of course, Norway and Denmark. After that the Balkans, the Mediterrranean, North Africa - what's to stop them? The Allies and the Axis will watch helplessly, each unable to make a move for fear of bringing the other in on the side of Russia."

Guy began to say: "This is absurd. Russia has enough to do inside her own frontiers. What would she want..."

He was interrupted by Nikko, his brows raised in alarm. "But Rumania would fight," he said. "And the Turks, too. They would fight. At least I think so."

"The Turks!" Dugdale put a small potato into his mouth and swallowed it contemptuously. "We give them money to buy armaments, and what do they spend it on? Education."

"Hopeless people!" Inchcape grinned at Clarence, who grinned back. Harriet was thankful that at last, decided to come down on the side of flippancy."

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