Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Zombie Spider

I killed a spider. I think it's the same damn one that ran over my toes last night. It was very mashed and mangled. BUT NOW IT ISN'T THERE! There is no need for the kleenex I just fetched because the dead spider has up and gone. Do you think maybe the cat ate it? It is a very odd cat, who makes weird noises and has a tail that lies flat along its back and sleeps under covers. My father is convinced it is crossed with something entirely uncat-like. I really, really hope the cat ate it because the only alternative I see is that a very mangled, very angry spider is now sharing this bedroom with me and it is likely very pissed off.


Banannas said...

ugh. i bet the cat picked it up and will drop it in some strategic place in your bed or shoe. and it will freak you out.

i think zombie spiders would make me commit suicide even faster than the normal zombies.

Amanda said...

Charming. That hadn't even occured to me.