Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I've been doing a lot of thinking on any number of subjects lately. Many of them I have wanted to blog about but haven't, as I'm sure many people have noticed. I have been a lazy and impersonal blogger lately.

So... I've decided to take the blog private. I may revive my older blog as a public one later, perhaps. But, basically, I have come to the conclusion that the blog will serve me best if it is no longer public. It isn't a decision that I make lightly, as there are a lot of things about a public blog that I really, really like. I had been hoping that blogger might have started a function where I could have both public and private entries, but since that has failed to materialize, I have decided it is time.

That said, I have a fair number of readers per week who I don't have a clue who are and I am quite happy to extend the invitation to read the blog to you, you will just have to email me at so that I can send the invite to you once I go private, which I will likely do in about a week. I certainly hope that many of you will continue to read as my intention is to start a more intense dialogue by going private. Sure, that dialogue is largely going to be with myself, but not exclusively so, I hope. The presence of an audience I do find helpful.

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Banannas said...

um, yes, please? :)