Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I did NOT look like that in grade 8...

So, I'm on Facebook. I find it addicting in my present unemployed state. Today, on that lovely little newsfeed that is what makes Facebook akin to crack, I see pics posted by a cousin of mine. (Not an immediate one, but it's too much work at this time of the night for my brain to work out the exact relation. If you are around my age or younger, you are a cousin.)

They were pictures of her Grade 8 Graduation. At first I thought perhaps she had a younger sister who just graduated, but no. It's her. Based on her very adult looking profile picture I really had assumed she was either about to graduate high school or perhaps in university. To look at the rest of her pictures, which I hadn't, she looks far more her own age. But, my god.

I really did not look like that when I was in grade 8. As Candace noted, when did all the kids these days get all fashion-conscious and gorgeous? Where are all the bad perms, zits, and embarrassing flourescent outfits?

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