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Hash Songs - Korea Specific

Korea Specific

Litre of Maekgoli
Oh, a litre of maeokgoli helps the harriette go down, the harriette go down, the harriette go down.
Yes, a litre of maeokgoli helps the harriette go down, in the most delightful way.

Our Favourite Beers
Cass-uh and Hite-uh in bottles and cans,
Imported or brew pub, whatever ain’t banned.
OB if you're desperate,
But none for the queers.
These are a few of our favourite beers.

Wild Rover Song

CHORUS: O I’m a Rover seldom sober, I’m a Rover wild and free,
It’s when I’m drinkin, I’m always thinkin, I should be hashin where ere I please

Though the night be dark as dungeon, not a start shines up above,
I will be guided without stumble to a vessel of beer I love!
As I gazed up through the bar room, kneeling gently on the stone,
I see there waitin ‘pon the counter, a grand vessel of beer I love!
The barman blocked me, to his misfortune; I laid him cold across the floor,
I sauntered over to my vessel, drank of the beer I truly love!
Until at last, my beer was empty, and a tear rolled down my face…
With no beer waitin I must be roving, so ON-ON to another place!!!

Seoul Hash House Harriers’ Song (lyrics by former SHHH GM Kimchi Marine)

Way down south in Yeongdeungpo
That’s the place I want to go!
Shiba-shiba haba yes!
Suck a chaji, maybe so.
Further north than old Pusan
Get your ass for a thousand won.
Catch the clap and you never go
On on to To-ki-yo!
In the war-torn town of Toko-ri
Mama-sans they make whoppee.
They smell of garlic and they’re full of lice
But the pom-pom is very nice.
You pick up a girl on Korean street
You ask how much? She says you speak.
She takes you out, you’re wined and dined,
You end up by going blind.
Korean huts are low and flat.
You squirm and crawl like a Chesire cat.
The mama-sans are much too fat
So you blow your stones on a bamboo mat.
Now that’s the end of my tale of woe.
I’m off again to Yeongdeungpo!
Twenty-eight days I’ll get no less
But shiba-shiba haba YES!!

Korean Pie
Lyrics by Former SHHH GM Timber Balls

A long, long time ago I can still remember how that Itaewon could make me smile
and I knew if I had some cash, that I could land some handsome snatch
and surely I’d be happy for a while
but Bush and Rumsfield made me shiver
with every decree they delivered, bad news in formation,
There’d be no fornication
I cried outloud “O MY GOD”, when I heard that it was now outlawed
I used to touch her deep inside, before, the boom boom, died. So…

Bye, bye Missus Kim don’t you cry,
No more boom-boom, no more drinky, no more sucky me dry.
them good ol’ boys walk by , a tear in their eye,
singin’ now I need to zip up my fly…. now I need to zip up my fly

Did you know that way back then
All the young GI’s were doused in sin,
And the MP’s didn’t know,
and do you believe that hooker hill,
was where you’d go to get a thrill
and Mrs. Kim would teach you how to dance real slow?
Well I know that you’re in love with quim
But the FOX news story was quite dim,
you and Juicy kicked off your shoes
then your butt was on the news.
You are a lonely teenage bronkin’ buck
with weekend pass and the need to fuck
but now your just shit out of luck,
the day, the boom boom died. I started singin…

Now for fifty years they were on their own
And Mama-san sat on her barstool throne,
And that’s how they wanted it to be,
And the girls were always hot and lean,
With a young GI sitting in between
and Mrs. Kim would lock the door …for a feee
But, the leaders back in Washingtin
Are clearly right and without sin,
Your weekend plans took a turn
When the verdict returned
And while GIs bored and run amuck
Go ahead and drink till you upchuck
As long as you don’t try to fuck
the day, the boom boom died. I started singin…

Helter Skelter in the summer swelter
The bar’s locked up like a fallout shelter,
0100 AM is comin faaaaaaaasssst,
The camera shows MP’s walking past,
If they come in my ass is grass
but Mrs Kim showed me how to get out real fast.
Well, the knocking came way too damn soon
My hard-on would be left in ruins,
I jumped out the window
I hope that MP’s slow.
I am a horny GI bronkin’ buck
But now it costs too damn much to fuck
I guess Im just shit out of luck,
the day, the boom boom died. I started singin…

And in there they were all sucking face
The MP’s probably don’t know this place,
I guess Ill have a go again,
So Jill was nimble , and jack came quick
But now he’s lookin at an MP stick
So I guess my hand will be my only friend…
So while Jack was being beaten down
The girl redressed in evening gown, she say
No more GI tonight
I guess Canadians are alright.
And while I sulk into the night
I know you won’t get none tonight
I guess my hand will be alright,
the day, the boom boom died. I started singin…

I met a girl who made me smile, and I paid her to stay there a while
But she just turned and closed the door
I tried them all and now im cursed, my balls are just about to burst
I want to bang my head into a wall
And in the bars I hear them banging
Girls are moaning bedposts clanging, but I will not be pokin’,
I feel like I am broken
the ménage a trios I had before, way back in 2004
I yearn for all those days of yore, the day, the boom boom, died. So…

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