Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sex In The City

That was the funniest, most predictable movie I've seen in some time. Seeing it in Korea was amusing, as sometimes everyone else was laughing before Jenn and I because the subtitles were a bit ahead of the words and other times we were the only people laughing - I guess all humour can't be translated.

When I got home, just before midnight, I wanted to have a cosmo in honour of the night, but I live in Hwajung and I wasn't willing to walk any further than the 7-11. In case you don't recall the ingredients of a cosmo, here is what I would have needed:

Cosmopolitan Martini Recipe


4 parts Citron Vodka
2 parts Cointreau or Triple Sec
2 parts Cranberry Juice
1 part Lime Fresh Juice

Shake all four ingredients together in cool unique martini glasses!
What I had was some gin (it was that or rum), some raspberry juice to make it the right colour, with a dash of cider (Korean Sprite), presented in a red wine glass. However, it is quite yummy.

Also, note my new favourite t-shirt. It says "In Tacos We Trust", which unfortunately you can't actually read while I'm wearing it as it is on the underside of my boobs, however I think it is the best thing ever. I am starting to get into this whole internet shopping thing.

Irreverant much?

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