Friday, June 20, 2008


I have an odd love of today's pigtail braids. Very odd love. Feel like I ought to start doing it daily... Realistically that's never gonna happen, since I'd have to get up a good 10 minutes earlier every morning.

The kids' reactions were fascinating. I mean, I get that I've spent 10 months with my hair down. And I get that it's a childish hairstyle. However, not a single student of mine could refrain from commenting, loud and long, and I heard a number of students I don't even know talking about it. Apparently, I also have a small face, young hair but an adult S-line body, and a apple face.

That last one confused me until I looked in the mirror and finally got the full effect of today's sunburn. My nose is very red and the rest of my face isn't far behind it.

It's like I've got a face the color of Pippi Longstocking's hair and the braids to match.

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