Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There May Be Weird Side Effects

Nope, I haven't started taking any odd prescription medicines recently, but my fun, new "let's go to the gym in the early a.m." has resulted in some slightly weird side effects.

First, I go to bed earlier. This is a good thing. I'm not 16 anymore and staying up all night to finish a gripping novel now leaves me virtually non-functional the next day. How did I ever learn anything in high school? I have to have been sleep-deprived for the majority of my 5 years.

Second, this means I have to be a bit more organized. I role out of bed and pull on my conveniently-laid out gym clothes and go. No stopping to brush my teeth or brush my hair. I leave, buy a chocolate milk at the 7-11 with my eyes half-open and drink it on my way to the gym.

That all seems fairly normal so far, yes?

Third, I am suddenly obsessed with tidying. I tidy every fucking night! If there aren't enough little cleaning chores to do, I organize a cupboard or something. This is not a big place I live in. I don't have many cupboards. And they weren't especially unorganized to begin with. It's madness.

Forth, I lay out my work clothes the night before, in spite of the fact that I have tons of time to do that in the morning after I shower.

Fifth, while I am still procrastinating on some things I have been meaning to do for yonks, I have become slightly more likely to run errands and run them in a timely fashion.

Since when did going to the gym have the side effect of making you organized? And shouldn't they have mandatory exercising at university if this is the case?


Sofiya said...

You are turning into me.

I, however, am turning in Ann Coulter.

antijen said...

I wish exercise had that effect on me! Before my son was born, I would hear other mothers say that once they had children, they had to become SO organized as every minuted counted. I was secretly hoping for some magical powers of organization to descend upon me.

Alas, no.