Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The English-learning Experience, Summed up by a Kindie Student

Hello, everyone!
My name is James Lee.

I was very happy past 2 years.
When I started Poly school 2 years ago, I was very shiny boy.
I couldn't see foreign teachers directly. Their eyes were blue and hairs were gold.
Everything was strange for me.

I fought with my mom every morning. I couldn't want to go Poly school.
But, my mom pushed me to go classroom.

After 3 months, I started to like Poly life.
Teachers were very kind like my dad.
The lunch food was very delicious.
Filed trip was also fun.
The most important thing is I made friend with very beautiful gril.

Although I am not still good at English, Poly school gave me self-confidence.
I love teachers and my classmates.
I want to study English hear in Poly school forever.

Thank you so much.


Sofiya said...

Oh, the precious little poppet! If you can raise the self-esteem of just one kid, doesn't it just give you a huge case of the warm fuzzies?

Amanda said...

Well, that and my gold hair!

Banannas said...

awww...definitely something i miss about teaching the younger ones!^^