Thursday, January 17, 2008

To The Makers Of Chapstick

Thank you kindly for sealing your product for my protection. I'm a fan of protection, which I feel is evidenced by the fact that I bought your product in the first place, rather than a prettier, more sparkly, and indeed cheaper, alternative.

However, I'm afraid your people have been spending too much time with the people responsible for childproof lids. I'm going to have a problem protecting my lips from the negative effects of chapping if I can't ever manage to get at your product.

I am also not convinced that avoiding chapped lips is worth the price of severing a finger, which seems likely to happen as I will have to take a knife of some sort to your seal, and I am not particularly handy with knives.

The annoyance of all of this may be alleviated by the free thingy that will attach my lip balm to my jacket/purse/phone/etc. After all, the only thing I am more prone to doing than cutting myself with knives is losing things that I had just a minute ago.

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