Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Ass Is Still Thawing

It was the preschool/kindie sledding field trip this morning and I had a blast. However, I have never had such a cold ass in my life and I'm about to spend the weekend ice fishing. I just went out and bought some additional cold weather gear, but I can't say I think this is looking good...

I was soooo tired after. Hauling a couple of sleds and a handful of children up a slope is exhausting! It was super cute though and all my Tigers fought over who got to go down with me. Adorable. I forgot my camera, but hopefully someone else got some pics.

The father of one of the preschool students works in a Chinese-herbal-medicine-style hospital and has kindly gifted the entire staff with some sort of herbal remedy for indigestion. If you have a sore stomach, you just pop 20 pills. Yep. 20 of 'em. And don't bite down, take my word on that one. That's not a taste you are going to be able to get out of your mouth any time soon.

I still don't own a watch. My students are about ready to kill me, as my classes keep running slightly over. Oops.

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