Monday, January 28, 2008


I just went shopping and I still have no food. This is because I have that low grade of cold that saps my will to live. Basically, when I am not sick, I am sarky and cheerful, when I am much sicker, I end up over compensating and being cheerful, but with this level of cold, I become blah, irritable and unable to care about anything.

I have no food, no real desire to eat anything in particular. I can't pick a book to read next or get into the idea of watching any of the movies I've downloaded recently. In fact, I find it rather pleasant to just stare vacantly into space.

And then I was pondering why I've just been such a procrastinator this past 6 months and it suddenly struck me that I teach small children for 10.5 hours every day. That's a lot of teaching. I don't mind the hours, especially. The don't get me down the way they do many of my coworkers. However, I can't be bothered doing anything that has even the whiff of a chore or errand about it. Even blogging about certain events has been postponed, just cause I lack the motivation to actually think.

It hurts my brain. And with sore sinuses, that's not something I want to add to the mix.

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Sofiya said...

I have a cold too. I expect I got it from you. I am so sick. So, so, so, sick. All I can do is lie in bed feeling moribund and occasionally checking my e-mail.