Friday, October 06, 2000

A rather unexciting life

It is interesting to be back in Kingston, and in Canada in general, but I am more than ready to go back to Scotland. Alan and I are going to have really big phone bills this year.

He is on an excavation at the moment in the middle of nowhere so apparently they drink every night. This is interesting only because of the two hysterical drunken phone calls I have gotten.

Oops. I have just dropped a sesame seed between the keys and can't get it out. I am sure Ryan is going to love that! He's a comp sci geek, but a very lovable one. I am also living with a guy from China and a wanker named Gord who watches about 6-8 hours of TV a day. To say that he is addicted would be putting it mildly. He actually watched a documentary of the girl who played Punky Brewster yesterday. And he flips channels during commercials in Jeopardy! I hate that!!!

I had my first ever lab last week. It was fun, and my lab group giggled a lot, in spite of our lack of experience. Or perhaps because of it. Anyway, the prof was there and was very interested to hear that I am in archaeology and now stops to chat with me on my way to class.

Anyway, that's about the excitingness of my life lately. Vanessa and I did go out dancing on Thursday at the campus bar, which was fun.

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