Tuesday, September 26, 2000

I need more sleep

Dear my beautiful, sweet lesbian lover: I am afraid Alan is a bit deluded and has not yet realized the true nature of our relationship.

On a less jokey note, getting myself a visa for next year is turning out to be a royal pain in the arse. So many forms...

Alan called totally hammered last night and mumbled about: how he loved me, how he almost threw up, how he fell in a bush, and how he loves red wine. It was pretty funny. Then he called today asking if he had said anything embarrassing.

I got a work study allotment, but now have to find a job, which means lots of wasted time writing out cover letters and pretending to love clerical work, dressing up nicely and dropping off CVs. I have an interview for tomorrow, so hopefully I will just get that one. I don't care much what I do so long as the hours are flexible. And they pay me, since otherwise I will have to start eating my textbooks, cause I have no food budget (or fun budget for that matter!).

I am waiting for one of the boys to try some cleaning, but that may take a while (is hell freezing anytime soon???).

All my classes are at 8.30 till 1-2 so I am starting to suffer from sleep deprivation. Last night without thinking I decided to bake a banana bread, yum, but forgot it takes an hour to cook and it was already midnight. I am in training to talk to people about exchanges at the moment-which seems a bit odd cause all my friends just want me to shut up about Scotland. I am thinking I may be rather good at this :) Perhaps I will convince them all to date Scots and start a trend.

I am off to do my women's studies assignment, which I should have done over the weekend, but watched What's Eating Gilbert Grape instead.

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