Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Happy Turkey Day

Well, I have eaten more turkey dinners and leftover turkey sandwiches than any other year that I can recall.

I went to Bolton early Friday morning so I could stop at the British Consulate-the bad news is that I will have to get a working holiday visa, which will mean working under the table, and the good news is at least it is cheaper if I apply by myself and ditch SWAP.

I also bought a tight purple low cut shirt. Alan said once that he imagined that Canadian girls must dress frumpily during the winter in lots of bulky jumpers (before we started going out) and I aim to avoid filling that stereotype. Dating is such a pain in the ass-I will need to go out and buy some sexier bras before he comes across as well.

I met up with a bunch of friends in Bolton on Friday night but we couldn't go to our usual bar cause it lost its liquor license for the evening (we assume they were serving minors-shameful!).

Two days of family dinners and four loads of laundry and I am back in Kingston. My train arrived at 3 am and I caught a cold from my brother. Now doesn't the rest of the world wish they could have Thanksgiving too?

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