Saturday, October 07, 2000

Almost Thanksgiving

Ready to be shocked-I am still feeling hungover from two nights ago. Apparently making chocolate martinis without measuring out the alcohol is an unwise decision. I am guess that as the evening went on, they got stronger and stronger. Anyway, I pretty much feel like shit.

I had two tests today and the first day of my job (library assistant) and tonight I have to give a talk on studying abroad. And do my dishes, clean my room and pack to go home for Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to free food, free laundry and free phone calls to Alan! I am sure my parents will love that!

My job seems ok, but is only 5 hours a week and that is nowhere near enough to pay the bills.

By the way, third-year-boy, I must tell you that forth year ain't much better. Not only do I have a ton of work-except in my myth and religion class, what a bird course!-but it is also getting a bit tedious. I just want the damn degree and want out. I am sure I will hate having to find a job and do something tedious and repetitive all day long next year, but at the moment working seems like heaven.

Right, well Alan has totally stood me up on MSN! So I am going to go and do one of the millions of things I need to do, and if he comes on, well, too bad.

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