Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I was a really, really bad blogger last month. I posted on the first of April and then I had two pre-done posts that went up and that was it. I'd love to blame it on my one week houseguest, but he visited the week of my birthday. I'd love to blame it on Project 365m but I was just as crappy at updating my pictures (though I did keep on taking them.) In all honesty, I can blame it only on one thing and that's my obsession with the West Wing. I somehow stumbled across West Wing fan fiction and read. Quite a bit. I had never even heard of fan fiction before, really, and it's interesting to see what exactly it entails (I wasn't going to admit to this on the Internet and there I've gone and done it). Anyway, I'm over the obsession (mostly because I seem to have exhausted CJ-centric stories) and back to blogging - I hope, anyway. Since I have all those photos of what happened every single day of April, I am going back and adding them into my blog, some with fairly long write-ups on what I've been up to. Feel free to scroll down if you're interested.

I've been at home all day recouperating, so the sum total of my day was as follows: wake up, read. Make some hot chocolate. Read some more. Watch 27 Dresses (meh). Watch a bunch of TV online. Periodically check Facebook for entertainment. Convince Sharlene to come over to amuse me. Have drunken conversation with TOT and Jefe, who were down in Songtan at a hash that was actually a pub crawl. Make toast and tea. Taste test the Easy Cheese Samantha dropped off for me (along with wheat thins, really good cheese and dill pickle chips, because she is a rockstar!). Salty. Sharlene leaves, I start blogging while watching more TV. I had this idea that I could catch up on an entire month, but I'm sleepy and so I'll have to finish the rest of April tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I am brilliant blogger. I post almost everyday and spend all my spare time sat at a pc. I'm thinking I have a problem. Actually, I have like 6 blogs. If you not blogging you must be living! I have turned into a total bore and the other day I even asked someone I met if they blogged!