Monday, September 07, 2009

Je suis en Togo!

Bonjour mes aimees! J,etait en Togo pour deux jours et demain je quitte Lome de voyage a un petite village ou ma copine Ortencia traviller pour les Corps de Paix.

Ok, it is hard enough to type on a French keyboard so I am going to have to give up trying to dredge words from high school French (over ten years ago!) to do this. As it is I can not find the apostrophe and can not use contractions.

Ghana was great - I have heard it refered to as §Africa for beginners and based on my short stay in Togo I would have to agree. I have had my usual trip bad luck - a mystery illness, sand fleas feasting on my feet (over 30 bites per foot), a scrape I can not seem to keep clean on my ankle, several torn articles of clothing, one minor visa issue, and one run in with a soldier looking for a bribe.

Ortencia and I have seen several forts and castles involved in the slave trade along the Ghanaian coast, been to several markets, spent four days at an eco beach resort (while I recovered from my mystery illness) and eaten a great deal of food that she normally finds it impossible to get in her village in Togo, which is where we are going tomorrow.

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