Monday, September 14, 2009

Haggled Away My Last Day

My last Monday was planned as a possible hashing day, though sadly I couldn't get ahold of the Accra group. Instead, I did something almost as exhausting - I bought souvenirs.

Haggling at the Arts Centre on your own is an experience. I'm finding that I get much better offers for taxis fares alone, but much worse quotes for jewellery and bowls and purses and things made out of wood. However, I bought everything I was looking for (plus rather a lot of jewellery for myself) and only went slightly over budget, which just means I need to pick something cheapish from the Paloma dinner menu tonight, so as to have enough for a taxi to the airport tomorrow. Granted, if there is an exit fee, I'm snookered. I guess that's what plastic is for.

To add to yesterday's list, I also look forward to having clean feet for more than five minutes after I shower and walking down streets that don't have a ton of giant holes and no street lights!

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