Sunday, September 13, 2009

Accra Again

After the chaos of the border crossing at Lome/Aflao and two police checks on the road, I'm back in Accra. My driver kindly dropped me off at my hotel, so I ended up with quite a deal (and an entire seat to myself!)

Things I Look Forward to Upon Arriving in Canada:

-Solid shits, without the help of Imodium (those people should get a Nobel)
-a seat to myself every time I travel!
-timetables for transport
-not having to dehydrate myself whenever I go anywhere because there is no such thing as a pee stop (well, whatever, I was going on the side of the road with all the passengers watching by the end)
-boneless, skinless meat
-no more latrines at night with giant spiders and cockroaches and snakes to watch out for
-washing machines
-washing my hair in a shower that doesn't involve buckets
-no more haggling!

That said, I've loved this trip! Ortencia is amazing to travel with, as always. This corner of West Africa is beautiful and the people are so friendly. Pictures and more details when I arrive in Canada on Tuesday.

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Mind Set said...

Ha! You made me laugh so much when I read this ... i love reading about your travels!