Sunday, September 28, 2008

She Never Did Learn to Conjugate Etre

Facebook has this little function where it suggests people you might know based I assume on large numbers of shared friends.

Oddly, the girl who bullied me in ninth grade French has popped up. It was weird seeing her name and face again.

For a geeky high schooler, I was very lucky. I really didn't experience much in the way of bullying at all. I hated school for reasons that even all this time later I am not sure I understand. All that skipping - it was about a lot of things, some of which I have worked out in my mind.

But that French class... Not only was it boring because it had been destreamed only the year before and the teachers hadn't had time to think about how to teach all the different levels in one class, but it was the class that made me dread coming to school. My teacher did that horrible thing where she made some students help others with their work - sure, you do learn and perfect your skills when teaching them to others, but teachers might want to remember that ninth graders who still can't conjugate etre might not be all that pleasant to the kid forced to try and help them with it. Instead, they might steal stuff from her and occassionally spit at her.

That class made me forever against destreaming.

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Sofiya said...

Destreaming sucks. For all the reasons you said, and about 300 more. I can see the rationale behind it, but it still sucks when you're one of the top kids and they're trying to mulch you down to the level of everyone else.

I realize that sounded insufferably snotty, but destreaming was a painful and stressful experience for me as a child, so....