Friday, March 23, 2007

New Year!

New Year!

I was out for Persian New Year last night, at the Cage. This is my third time celebrating New Year so far this year, which is rather fun. A New Year every couple of months is not a bad thing at all. I went to meet Margaret and Val and the Persian boys and Laura and Hanna came along for the ride. Even Roger turned up.

Tonight has been another staying in night. Laura and I ordered some Pizza Hut and watched America’s Next Top Model and vegged. I then watched a couple of episodes of Ghost Whisperer, which I am becoming fairly addicted to. Now it’s time for bed and a bit of reading before I fall asleep.

My mom sent me some Honey Nut Cheerios that I got today. If it hadn't been for the pizza plan, I know what I would have been eating for dinner last night :)

I think maybe another waegook is in the building. I kinda got the impression that my neighbour moved, but wasn’t certain. However, passing the door today I could hear someone talking English inside in a North American accent. I am quite curious.

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