Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Weekend, Another Thai Dinner

For a while there, a weekend didn’t pass without me eating at La Tavola. The last month or so, it’s been Thai food every weekend. Or twice, in the case of this weekend.

Friday night we went out to Hongdae, which is somewhere I haven’t been in a while. With the big military ban on, it hasn’t been as busy or as fun. US 66 and Tinpans were fine, just not crazy exciting. Saturday we were in Geckos and there were some pretty odd pick up attempts going on (Sheila does NOT look in the slightest like Mariah Carey). I didn’t buy a single drink for myself, which is always fun. We moved on to Poly’s and I managed to eat chicken on a stick, potatoes and an eggburger before the night was through. I also got some flowers from a gay couple. Slightly odd evening, all round.

Sunday Roger and I watched Hannibal Rising, which was fine and only moderately gory. I only closed my eyes four times, I think. Then I met Samarra for dinner and coffee before we met up with Vanessa and Sarah for a beer.

I have started to attempt to pack. As per usual, I suck at doing such things unless I am under pressure. Realistically, I’ll be packing the night before. However, I like to move stuff around and pretend I’m being productive.

Oh, and George is an ass. Don’t be trying to tell me Grey’s Anatomy isn’t real, cause I don’t care. He’s still an ass, even if he is just a fictional one.

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Jen said...

I know, he's totally an ass! Here I thought they were going to have things go well for the 'curvy' girl (who's still apparently a size 8 or 10) vs. all the size 0 girls and SHE would actually get the guy, but no, he actually wants the size 0 blonde. I was pissed off. Of course the rational part of me says that it's just b/c of their friendship... but basically the whole thing just made me more insecure AND irritated with him. He's an ass. Did you know in real life the actor is gay? Not that it has any bearing on anything... I feel like it's one of those 'the more you know' moments, though. wow, I'm rambling. too little sleep, too little studying. later. j