Tuesday, September 19, 2000

The little fiddly things

I have a million things to do but they are all little fiddly things that just take up time I don't really have. I am taking a geology course this year, so have labs for the first time in my uni career. Tonight we also have a lab quiz on geological time frames. I am doing rather well with memorizing them since I only started looking at the sheet during my last class (Archean, Proterozoic, Cambrian, Ordivician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic,
Cretaceous, Paleogene, Neogene!). Practice makes perfect.

The correspondence course which has really annoying assignments, like interviewing women involved in the Second Wave of women's lib, or writing an essay from the viewpoint of someone of a different sexual orientation. It is interesting, but setting up an interview or finding time to think creatively...

Alan is off at field school, and rather sick (just a cold) so I have had lots of rather whiney phone calls. I'm not complaining though, cause the accent is sexy, though the affect is rather ruined by the cold. The obstacle of "I have no money to go to Scotland next year" will be dealt with by hook or by crook (a friend and I are considering selling one of our kidneys on the American black market-it pays rather well). One each of our kidneys by the way, cause looking back at that sentence, it kinda looks like Chad and I share kidneys, which is not, in fact, the case.

I am taking a course on the Iliad because it fit in my schedule and I need to come up with five questions I have always wanted answered about the Iliad by Friday which is going to be marked. Since I am only taking the course because it fit in, I don't actually have any questions. I suppose it is time to hit the library. Or to read the damn book.

My new apartment it just a delight-we have a potato bug infestation, intermittent hot water, enough dampness to require 24 hour running of the dehumidifier, a clogged sink, a $90 bill to have new phone jacks and wiring put in (the dampness is not good for them apparently), no screens on the windows, a crappy fridge, and I have a circular spot of wet carpet that won't dry no matter what I do.


leam said...

my nephew whom i raised sinc he was 11 years old who died in iraq i have put him up on web on gone to soon you will find it in google his name martin beard.
iwas disgusted to find out when the family got to the service no one spoke to me or my wife the lad died at 20 years old the two speakers never realy knew martin i was disgusted with them my wife upset still is how can they do this every one in the family treating us like this they even mist the years we had with martin the bypast it how horrible can they be not even invited to the wake they had planned behind our backs and i knoe they had a meeting about it one of them was my own brother how horrible i will never forgive them i only hope is that martin does for give them they are horrible people i am glad that my kids have seen them in action so i know my kids will never have anything to do with them also disgusted with the r.a.f not even a word to us about it i have lots more to tell but i am to mad to carry on please visit gone to soon

JAV said...

All I can say about the above is - a very guilty mind. Who with a saine mind leaves such a comment about someone you care about. I knew Martin very well as a very good mate and the above Uncle and some of his family (not all) talks crap!! He doesn't put about kicking him out of the home, the horrible, threatening words said to him! That is all I am going to say as he is now gone and why should this even be posted. We should be remembering Martin not thinking about their own SELFISH selves. Martin ended up with his true loving family. We miss you x