Wednesday, November 17, 2010


They say we learn best from experience, so let's just say I took one for the team here and all of you can skip the fun of cleaning salsa out of your fridge for an hour because you failed to tightly close the cap and put it down sideways on the shelf.

But, since I now know just how annoying that minor mistake has proven to be, it at least tells you that I have finally done something productive with my week and it's all be inspired by vacation.

Not mine, sadly. My friend April is going to Hawaii and then into the field for three days and so I am moving into her place in Itaewon in order to take care of the dog (and take lots and lots of baths.) Aside from the fact that I am far more inspired to go out and run in the cold when Cooper is along for the ride, it's just fun to have a change of scene. And a wider variety of restaurants in very close proximity.

Because let's be honest here - I am a lazy ass when it comes to cooking lately. In the past month I made it to the grocery store once and bought three things - and that was really only because I ran out of toilet paper and picked up spinach and tomatoes while I was there. Then I ate the same pasta for four days in a row.

Since going on vacation (or other people going on vacation) tends to inspire me to clean my place obsessively, I finally was motivated to clean out the fridge. I was thinking I'd have to eat a weird meal or two and freeze some stuff while I'm off at April's for two weeks, but it turns out that my fridge is basically just there to hold up my toaster oven (which isn't getting a lot of use either) and to store condiments, because aside from mayo and ketchup and parmesan cheese and mustard and capers, my fridge contains two apples, two onions, and about four pieces of bread (which I didn't even buy - they're hash leftovers). Oh, and some cheese that was a bit moldy, which I cut off so I could the remainder in the freezer.

I do have the day off tomorrow, however, as is so often the case, my planned day of lazing about in bed reading novels and eating chocolate ice cream has turned into a list of things I MUST DO. I need to get to the post office, pick up my kilt from Samantha and then scout trail (and naturally though I printed off maps of the area at work, I then forgot them there, so I'm going in blind.) Then Courtnie will pop down from Uijeongbu and I'll show her the trail and perhaps we'll eat. By then it will be late and I'll need to come home and get to bed because I do have to work Friday.

Sigh. It's just 5 more weeks until Xmas vacation, at least.

But only two weeks until Tim leaves. Which I have to admit, I am really not looking forward to. Such is life, I guess.

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