Sunday, October 25, 2009

You Can't Read It There

Lately, I've been blogging a lot in my head. Weird, yes? My internal voice has been a blog entry for ages though. I have resolved come November to be a better blogger - first off, I swear I will finally blog about the big trip. There's been a lot on my mind and that combined with my new addiction to Battlestar Galactica has been rather detrimental to the blog. However, NaBloPoMo in November will hopefully have me articulate (or as articulate as I ever was...) again.


Cairo Typ0 said...

I'm doing NaBloPoMo too. I just wish they'd get their act together so i can sign up and grab their badge.

Oh and i totally don't think it's weird to walk around in "blog think." I'm actually working on a post about this very thing. LOL Great minds!

JP/deb said...

looking forward to hearing more!

lacochran said...

I find a lot of things rolling around in my brain when I am not near the computer. Then, in front of it, um... *blink*

Best o' luck with NaBloPoMo. I will be trying the same challenge.