Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Greatest Joy in Life is Grammar

I was pondering going out for Ladies' Night, in spite of the fact that I'm tired and have a 12 hour day ahead of me tomorrow. And no break, as poor Lee is off work having gall bladder surgery. It just isn't the same "getting campy" without him.

Anyway, A Series of Unfortunate Events came on the telly and so I ended up staying in. I like it a lot. I've only read the very first book, and fair enough the movie isn't very close to my memory of the plot, but I'm enjoying it quite a lot. They're brilliant books too, and I think would be great for ESL teaching, as they have a lot of contextual clues and definitions of words in the story.

Grammar may be Aunt Josephine's greatest joy, but I can tell you one thing: it certainly isn't mine when I'm teaching it to the Zebras. "Teacher, why do you live?" Jeff-e is annnoying! But I can easily alter his question for any number of grammar lessons ("Teacher, why do you think you live?")

Camp was 50% over as of yesterday. I can't wait!

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