Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Mailbox Invasion

If anyone has been trying to email me the past week, I'm guessing it didn't get through. I seem to be getting tons of virus attachments sent to me that are overloading my inbox. Very annoying.

Seems I spoke too soon about this temp job, not only do I get to go out and buy a SINGLE box of 100 paperclips, I also get to make the coffee. In fact, in the last 4 hours of work, I have made two pots and answered about 3 emails. This is such a ridiculous job, I have nothing to do. However, I get to go back on Friday!!! Can't wait (insert sarcasm here).

What do they put in the water here in Toronto??? I've been hit on three times on the subway, been whistled at from guys in cars twice at Keele & Lawrence, and then when I went shopping at Dominion grocery store yesterday, some guy invited me for coffee in the cheese aisle! I said no, obviously, and then he asks if I'm involved, I said yes, and he suggests I should come anyway, maybe I'll find him to be more interesting!!! For christ's sake! however, jenni, you may find this to be encouraging, assuming guys in Vancouver are just as forward! I need to find that fake wedding ring I bought for Greece, though if cheese guy is any indication, it
might not help much.

Off to an interview with another temp agency, wish me luck...

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