Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The Great Saskatoon Debate of 2003

To visit Saskatoon or not?

The train arrives there just after 1 in the morning. Which means if we stay a couple of days, we will also be departing at that time.

If we have to skip Saskatoon (I don't personally want to pay for a motel and three might be a hard number to fit into a motel room), we could add days to more exciting cities.

Also, I went down to MEC to buy a new pair of hiking shoes and found a book about Canadian hostels. It was a bit old, but it said that Saskatoon only has a hostel open in the summer. I will check out the LP Canada next time I am in a bookstore to see if it is still the case.

(I also went down to VIA Rail to ask why they never sent our CanRail passes, turns out they are just incompetent, so they are in the mail as of tomorrow)

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