Sunday, June 05, 2011

So, Courtnie and I went down to OBH3 yesterday, but it's a long weekend and there was construction and we were uber-late. I called Little Leaguer when we hit the bus station and she told me they'd just gotten on the subway to Sema Station and I should head straight there and try to catch up. I took a cab over but was at a minimum two trains behind the pack. Miraculously, I caught up to the runners and was about the fourth person in at the end. I'm absurdly proud of myself. Great circle, since there was a large contingent of visitors from the Mother Hash in Malaysia, and then surprisingly enjoyable evening in Songtan, very low key, with about 10 Steves (new OBH3 tradition - any NNer is a Steve now, because clearly we are all too lazy to remember their names. Makes for confusing conversations, but is amusing) and Thumper Humper and ToT, but the rest of the girls had all gone up to Seoul, which was actually probably why it was such a great night. Had very little sleep and made it back to Seoul just in time to "host" a barbeque on my roof - Gus and Gabby and Ally actually did all the work of getting meat and a bbq and cooking, so really all I did was provide the location, the hookah, and a bag of Cheetos. It was a great night but I am now ridiculously tired. Thank god tomorrow is a holiday. Taking April's aunt up Seoul Tower and then hopefully doing the hash at 2.

Big fail though - have possibly killed my phone with excessive boob sweat. Sigh. Am attempting to get it to dry out, but I'm not optimistic. I'll give it a few days, if it doesn't start working again I guess I'll buy a new one.

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