Sunday, July 25, 2010

Running the Hash

So, I need to make it to 25 mins to get through Week 7 of the C25K and on Wednesday I didn't. Granted, I was exhausted after a long day at a water park with 60 kindie kids, but I didn't. I made about 20 minutes instead. A bit discouraging and so when I heard there'd be a Seoul Full Moon Hash Friday night, I decided to skip my run and hash instead. After all, I told myself, it's my last chance to hash in Seoul before vacation, since Mudfest was this weekend. And if I run it, it's almost as good as keeping to the schedule, in terms of being a good workout and lots of running, just not requiring that I run 25 mins non-stop.

And it was a good decision, because not only did I only walk for the odd portion here and there until the last ten minutes, I also realized that I'm not as slow as I had thought. I actually kept up with the pack fairly decently, though I have to admit that I didn't run any checks and only ran a few false trails. Still, it was encouraging.

I also ran the Saturday run at Mudfest and again, was doing fairly decently. Didn't get to the back of the pack until Sheena and I ran a loooooong false trail and had to go back up a stream - which we walked rather than ran and hence got far behind. Still, I'm not too bad a hasher.

And in spite of a bit of a mental setback with fucking up that first 25 minute run, I think I can be not too bad a runner. In time.


Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to comment, and apologize for not doing so sooner: Yay for you for taking on the C25K! I've worked on it on and off for years, but never made it past Week 6. Partly this is due to intervening events, but also because it began to feel like too much work for so little. What podcast are you using? Oh, wait... Are you using a C25K training podcast?

I used to use this one:

Then, like you, I wanted to run a 10k, which made me switch to this one:

Wow, this is making me want to run again... I did it a lot in Oz last year, initially due to lack of a social life or bicycle, then eventually for enjoyment. It turned out to be such an amazing part of my memories of Melbourne. Thanks for reminding me... I needed that.

Amanda said...

I'm using Suz's podcasts over at I just broke a rib hashing over the weekend, so I've sort of stalled at Week 6 myself. I'm hoping by next week I'll be back in decent running form.

Thanks for the 10K link, I've been looking for something good.