Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm Back to Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

I arrived in Hong Kong mighty hungover and exhausted. Candace met me at the airport and a coffee fixed up the worst of my problems. We took a bus and a ferry to Tuen Mun, in the new territories. Candace's apartment is beautiful and just so Candace. Simple and relaxing and beautiful, with an incredibly relaxing view of the sea. Palm trees along the path out back and a pool! Nice! We went for dinner at the Gold Coast, which is an apartment complex with a lovely restaurant and quite a number of expats. The great food, the lights, the yachts. Lovely.

On Tuesday we went to the tuen mun city centre mall, which reminded me strongly of Vancouver. There is a Lenscrafters! It's weird having all the shop names be so familiar. That night we went to see a movie with Candace's friend Hoy, The Reaping. All three of us screamed. It wasn't a great movie or anything, but it was fun and scary and Hilary Swank looked hot! We went to some bar in the IFC and all I can say is Hong Kong is sooooo much more posh than Korea.

On Wednesday we went to a little beach just down the road. Nice to be out in the sun and I started turning pink in just an hour. We had dinner at Rat Alley with Sarah, Marlon & Christine, and Dom. Rat Alley is fun - lots of Thai/Malaysian food and definitely not posh. I saw a very big cockroach. Ahhhh, hot countries. After we headed to Bacar, a wine bar that is near the world's largest outdoor escalator, which runs all the way up the hill. Candace has been making fun of me a lot over the fact that I had been singularly unimpressed with the Hong Kong skyline from the bus, but loved the escalator. What can I say, I'm odd.

On Thursday, I had to venture into the city by myself to meet up with Candace and Co. at Soda in Soho for Pod Warz. Can't say I much liked the music, sadly. On Friday we went to Whitespot! Whitespot outside of Vancouver!!! I love that white sauce, whatever it is. With Martine and Paulina we checked out the new H&M (clothing shopping will be easier here) and then headed to a cute little bar called joyce isn't here. It probably sounds like I drink as much in Hong Kong as in Korea, but in fact I don't. We seem always to be in bars, but never for more than one drink. My liver is no doubt thankful.

On Saturday I turned 29. Only one more year of my 20s left. Can't say I'm that bothered, things only seem to get better as I get older. Candace and I sat and chilled and she spoiled me completely. I got birthday brownies, kahlua coffee, and a birthday chocolate croissant. That night we went out for fantastic vietnamese food (Vanessa would be jealous, the pho was amazing!). We then headed to a bar called feather boa, which had fantastic strawberry & chocolate drinks. Candace took off early because she had a 10k run the next day, and I went with Jolee and her friends to Bar George on Lan Kwai Fong, then to haha club, and a private bar called drop (too posh and bad music!). I took the bus home at quite a late hour and hence spent Sunday being very, very lazy.

On Monday I had to take in my passport, and so met Candace and had lunch at stormies on Lan Kwai Fong. We came home and watched Russell Peters, very funny. Tuesday was more active - we went to the ladies' market in kowloon,where I bought a new purse. Then we went to see the light show of the buildings in the harbour, which is when I finally got why everyone talks so highly of the Hong Kong skyline. It looks great from Kowloon side. We wandered down the walk of stars to see Jackie Chan's handprints and then went for indian food. And OMG the food. Soooooo good. I haven't had Indian food so good since I left Canada/Scotland. Indian food in Korea had never, ever impressed me and this was lovely. And in the quite unposh but fun Chung King Mansions.

On Wednesday, Candace and Martine got manicures and then we headed to stauntons for dinner and drinks. Thursday we took Martine to the airport on our way to Ladies' night. We stopped for some lebanese takeaway and then went to a very posh bar for free vodka drinks. There were even cloth towels to dry your hands with. On the way home we made videos of ourselves singing Justin Timberlake songs on the bus - apparently I've become a lightweight in just two weeks, cause 3 drinks had me acting crazy!

Friday we went to a house party in Fortress Hill and had a good time mingling and drinking red wine. I then went on to Wan Chai, which I didn't find as raunchy as reported. Granted, it would be hard to live up to the raunchiness of Itaewon! The dancing was fun. Had an interesting time trying to find my way home and didn't make it back till breakfast! Thus, Saturday became the perfect day to spend napping and watching House episodes. I am a bit addicted.

It's been a chill weekend, with Candace being ill. We watched a movie and ordered in pizza and then yesterday went to the Gold Coast for more delish food (damn they make good pasta!) and talked with her friend Jerry. He does uni part time, which sounds fun. Something to look into.

May is here!

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Banannas said...

happy belated birthday!

you'll have to take me to get some good food when i come to hong kong :p