Saturday, January 24, 2004

Ear News

After a long boring week of job interviews, I did something vaguely exciting today-I've had my ears repierced, so I am back to having a total of 5 ear piercings. Almost went wild and had one done at the top of my ear and then wimped out.

Otherwise, not too much else going on out here. I bumped into Ellen, a girl I knew in Edinburgh back when I was an exchange student, who is now working at a coffee shop here in Vancouver! Odd, I know. And we got to listen to a raccoon spat last night while trying to sleep, though apparently this is the mating season... Finally, I spent some HMV gift certificates on another Ryan Adams CD-love his music. Ryan, not Bryan, please note ;)


From Jenni:


Well between racoon spats and ear piercings it's all go in Dunbar. In fact I may suggest to the local council there, to rename the area "Dunbar - hub of excitment". Ok, I won't be too mean.


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