Thursday, June 05, 2003


Well, I'm finally finished work!!! And though it hasn't sunk in yet that this isn't just a long weekend or a couple of days off and that I am NEVER going back, it is nice to have some time to hang out.

Monday evening I went to see a reading by Margaret Atwood-read her new book! It sounds wonderful and I had no idea how funny she was going to be.

The next day I headed into Glasgow for some fun... First the train station in Edinburgh was closed because of a security alert (the queen was in the city...) and so I took the bus and then on my way home, the bus had made it maybe ten minutes away from Buchanan bus station and my bus driver jumped out of the bus, leaving us blocking all traffic, to attack a ten year old boy who had been throwing stones at passing traffic. It took at least 2.5 hours to get home-this always happens to me-trains are rerouted around chemical explosions, too much water on the track (between Oxford and Coventry, you'd think they would be used to lots of rain in England), etc. I am starting to think there is some sort of evil curse... However, during my day in Glasgow, I saw Yann Martell. Anyone else seeing the Canadian pattern here?

Yesterday I went and volunteered to stuff envelopes for the Fringe Festival, boring but then I did used to work at the mandate centre ;) and then in the evening...I SAW ANI DIFRANCO!!! It was the most amazing concert ever! Now all I have to do is make it to see Radiohead and all will be good.

We leave next Friday to walk the West Highland Way. Between now and then I need to clean up the flat, start to pack and write an essay on aggressive gift giving for my anthro class. Lot's to do, so of course today I am doing none of it and am going to the Chinese buffet down the road with Jenni and Alan instead!!

I am not covered against SARS, which is great since it doesn't seem to be going away in Toronto... Damn.

Oh, and I am about to clean an oven for the first time ever-I have lived independently for 6 years, and only now does it become an issue!

"And oh what a waste of thumbs opposable, to make machines that are disposable..." ani difranco

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